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    Question Aeronaut - Packing suit and all?

    I have owned a Buzz for over a year now, I use it to haul my 12" PowerBook around daily. I also picked up an Empire Builder last year for professional use. Up until recently I owned a carry-on size roller luggage. This worked well, I've gone on a hot streak to reduce clutter and overall reduce weight. I tossed the wheeled luggage during my last move and I'm not looking at wheeled luggage for carry-on, even those spiffy 4 unidirectional wheels type of luggage everyone seems to be gaa-gaa over.

    I just took a new job and it looks like I'll be traveling a good bit for business. Has anyone been able to successfully pack an Aeronaut with a suit along with dress shirts, dress shoes and such?

    I'm most likely going to purchase an Aeronaut anyway, I'm just looking for advice on packing the Aeronaut with a suit and other professional attire.
    Any recommendations on the type of packing cubes I should get or other essential accessories?


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    The width of the Aeronaut's main compartment makes it a little challenging to fold in a strictly traditional way, but I'm quite sure it's possible to manage a suit and I'll bet somebody's done it. You can release the four inner snaps in the main compartment to gain some width, especially at the bottom of the compartment. That might help. Sometimes if you put a piece of clothing in a dry cleaners bag you can fold it in almost any manner without picking up many wrinkles. I'm interested to hear what others have to say, too.

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    In this review of the Aeronaut he says he packed a two-piece summer weight wool suit and it looks like he used an Eagle Creek Pack it Folder. The review doesn't mention which one however.

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