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    Not Digging the Absolute strap on Super Ego...suggestions?


    I love my new Super Ego - it's big, but, not huge- just right for me and my 17" MacBook Pro and it's stuff, actually. What I do not like is the Absolute Strap. I'm a big guy: 6"4' ~ 300lbs. The strap is so small (on me) that is strangles me when I try to wear my SE high on my back.

    Any suggestions? Will the Q-AM fit the bill? The bill is "big guy..."

    Also, I thought that the SE was able to switch out straps super fact, I bought the SE w/ the Absolute based on this pic:

    The SE doesn't have clips like that. Is mine just messed up?

    Thanks again all...great product. Everyone asks about it when walking in from work- we have a huge parking lot and tons of people in a multi-complex- always get compliments and am happy to show them the insides, etc.


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    I also have a Super-Ego (as well as a Brain Bag & an Empire Builder). While not a "big" guy, I did not like the absolute strap on the Super Ego for carrying it across your back. (As a side point, I love, I mean LOVE, the Absolute strap for the Aeronaut [did I mention I own one of those too, oh, I guess my wife is right, I am obsessive] and the Empire Builder.)

    I bought the Q-AM and found it a better choice for the Super Ego. Its easier to adjust to distribute the weight better & the padding is a little thicker across you chest. Overall, its easier to wear the bag across my back, get it on and off, and tighten it if need be.


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    I have a super ego with a q-am, and absolutely love it

    it does carry very nicely on my upper back, and tends to be my weekend travel bag when it's not toting math and psych text books...

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