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    Thumbs up Super Ego Suggestions

    Hi Tom Bihn fans,

    I've had my Super Ego for almost two months now and I love it. Its roomy, stylish and comfortable to tote around with all my gear. I would offer up a few things that I wouldn't mind seeing in future editions...better yet, have them retrofitted to my SE.

    The big flap on the outside is just begging for a zipper pocket...on both sides of the strap! Or even just a pocket for holding airline tickets, address book or a PDA. A couple of carabiner style loops on either side of the bag, up high would allow for attaching key rings, etc. The large pocket on the backside of the bag could use a few more pockets for misc things, small flashlight, calculator, pen holder, etc.

    Colors! Bright, lively colors are always good. Nothing exotic, just fresh bright colors. I really like the ability to change the straps out, but its a pain to do. Still the velcro keeps the strap from coming loose.

    Keep up the great work!


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    Having just received (but to home, while I'm at school -- frustrating, but it's not a mixup on the part of Tom Bihn or UPS ) my Super Ego, I know even without seeing it that I wish for this same thing. Would greatly increase it's worth to me as the one-bag-for-most-travel.


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