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    How about a mobile electronics bag?

    I have several TB bags. Right now, I use the Ego most often because I'm carrying my laptop, accessories and textbooks. It works very well for me because of the front flap. There are enough pockets to fit

    • pda phone
    • ipod
    • wallet
    • a couple of cables

    The zipper compartments are great for pens & highlighters.

    But when I don't need my laptop, I still want to carry my small electronics around with me. None of the cafe bags have enough pockets. Plus, it'd be good to have the pockets be somewhat stiff (or lightly padded) so they didn't move around in transit. The padded pouches currently available will provide the protection but not the quick access that I have with Ego. Even though those pockets aren't padded, they are snug enough that I'm not worried about them moving around and banging into other things.

    I've tried finding a large purse for this but most of them only have one pocket for a phone (and it's often too small for the pda phone).

    Ideally, there would be some pouches (2-4) which could hold small devices, some pouches that could fit power adapters, and some pockets for cables and other miscellaneous junk like pens, glasses.

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    i too would love to see such a solution.


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    Interesting problem. I faced it too once, had to find a big enough bag to put all my PDAs, iPhone, etc. Well, eventually I came up with a DIY solution. Perhaps you should try this book, and maybe make a bag of your own. I know it doesn't sound like the perfect ultimate thing, but you can actually customize it as you wish.


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    I'm a recent knitter. There are actually a lot of free patterns for something like this is you want to make your own. I use the combo of my Imago - which is relatively small and has several storage pockets and the large and medium pouches for my electronics. I also think the swift and a few pouches would be great for electronics but I'm using mine for knitting.

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    Sounds like a mini Freudian Slip. Which would be very cool, I think. It'd be nice to pull out one organizer to transfer items to other bags or take them all out at once without having to remove them one by one. I also remember a thread where people wanted a small organizer for the pocket of cafe bags, can't seem to find it right now though.

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    I had this same idea recently and I think most people suggested a padded TB pouch but I found that it didn't work well for me mostly because it was so narrow that nothing fit well. The Snake Charmer was also suggested but it lacks padding. The closest thing I found was an iPod travel case over at but I have yet to buy it. What they sell is exactly what I want. It would be great to use on flights so you can just pull out your iPod and accessories from your main bag. Or you can use it daily with something like the Imago where it can be separated from whatever else is in the bag. Or just carried on it's own.

    The trick is trying to make such a bag to meet several needs at once. For example, some want iPods while others want cameras and phones. I think if you create a small tote bag that is at least 2" wide, make it padded all around, then add two or three padded dividers to the inside (and maybe a zipper on the outside) you could make something that serves many purposes for many users.

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