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    Cubes hold how much?

    From what I read the Aeronaut can 2 large or 4 small or 1 large and 2 small cubes. What I'm not sure is what can you pack in the cubes. From the socks picture it looks like the small cubes won't pack much but I'm not sure. Would a pair of adult jeans folded in half fit in the small? If not, then what combo of jeans and shirts would fit in a large? I'm starting to like the idea of the cubes but only if you could use the cubes to separate items you may need, like putting an entire outfit in one cube.

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    You can fit lots more than an outfit per cube.
    While traveling to Norway here's what fit in my Lg and Sm Packing cubes:
    Large Tom Bihn packing cube
    Solumbra active pants - sporty warm weather wear (I don't take jeans any more. Too heavy and they take too long to dry.)
    ExOfficio active ls shirt - sporty layer
    Sporthill zone 3 warm slacks - sporty for cold weather
    Marmot rain pants - ups the comfort in wind, rain or cool weather
    Marmot rain jacket - ditto weather protection
    Patagonia long sleeve active zip blue shirt warmer sporty
    hand knit blue wool hat and scarf
    Chico's traveler's skirt - dressy dinners
    Chico's linen jacket casual dinner
    Chico's linen pants casual dinner

    Small Tom Bihn Packing Cube
    Chico's silk tank top - dressy
    Chico's short sleeve top - dressy
    casual short sleeve top
    long sleeve Patagonia mid weight shirt
    scarf red dressy dinner
    Ex Officio undies 2 pr
    socks Smartwool adrenaline wool
    socks Smartwool blk wool
    socks gobi liners 2 pr
    Sundayafternoons sport hat
    sm bag of non liquid toiletries

    This is my pattern for most trips. Small packing cube gets tops and undies/soxes; while Large packing cube gets slacks, skirts, heavy larger outer wear.

    Does that help?
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    Another happy owner of the Aeronaut, Sm & Lg packing cube, convertible packing cube, Absolute packing strap. Also travel with Ballistic Imago w/2 sm organizer pouches and style kit. Swift with extra key straps, organizer pouches and my quarter packing cube. Holiday Med. Ultrasuede® pouch, all 3 sizes of Stuff Bags, various key straps. I love them all!

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    I think what you're saying is that pants only really fit into the small, which is what I assumed. I failed to ask about the side cubes but I think they'd be too small also. One idea I had was a complete outfit (shirt, pants, socks) in a small cube but I think that's a bust.

    Regarding the Solumbra, I never heard of them before but looking at the site I'm not sure I could go that route yet. I can only get a good fit from elastic if nothing is in my pockets like when I'm running. Otherwise I don't like the feel. Plus, I'm not sure how something like that would do in cold weather. But I agree that jeans take too long to dry.

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    I fit jeans, folded, into the small. Depends on how big your pants are.

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