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    a tool for changing straps on the Super Ego

    A useful tool for changing the closure strap in the Ego and Super Ego bags is a thin strip of stiff plastic, a little longer than the channel and slightly narrower (but wider than the fastening surface below) with a rounded point on one end. Essentially it would be something like a giant collar-stay. This makes it easy to remove the current strap: just slide the plastic strip in, point first, underneath the strap --- it separates the velcro-like connection, then the current strap can just be pulled right out. It also makes it easy to insert the new strap: just lay the new strap on top of the tool and slide the two in together --- the tool prevents the velcro-like stuff from grabbing the strap until you've got it positioned perfectly; then you pull the tool out from underneath and the strap is seated and secure. This simple piece of plastic makes changing the strap take a total of under 12 seconds (timed with my Super Ego, two straps, and a frosting spatula).

    You must already be using something like this in the factory for inserting the straps initially. If not, you should be :-) It would be cool to include one with the bag, or else offer it as an accessory.

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    That Idea is fantastic! I always use the "insert the strap upside down, and then flip it once everything is up to the top..." technique. Getting the strap out, however, has always been a pain.
    I thought the same thing, "... [They] must be using something different at the factory!"

    I've already used several suggestions from members of this forum. I use a large carabineer on my Super Ego to hold clip on tags, and my ID. I also use the folder technique on my Brain Cell. Now I have a way to swap my SE Straps! All I need is an appropriately stiff piece of plastic for the job.

    Thanks scc
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    This is the response on how they do it in the factory. I asked the same question.

    Easiest way to change an Ego/Super Ego strip?

    My guess is that they don't really ever have to take an old one off, though, just put the new ones on before a bag ships.

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    June (VP of Production) uses a ruler when she puts Super Ego stripes/strips on. We don't use a tool like you described, but it's a really good idea! Maybe we can make one and send it to you to try out. Or, try using a ruler: does it work as well?

    I still use the method I described to Alicia in the post she linked to.
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    I just use another strap (velcro side up) underneath the strap I want to install, and slide them both through the holders. It's a bit tight, but works fine with a bit of adjusting. When the top strap is positioned where you want it, grab the top end of the top strap to hold it in place, then pull out the bottom strap, and you're all set. Just another excuse to get extra straps.

    As for removing the strap, I find it's easiest to remove it in sections, pulling the strap through each loop as I go along. It actually goes pretty quickly this way, and it's easy to avoid any accidental re-velcroing.

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