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    Zepher or Empire Builder and what size Brain Cell

    Hi, I have been looking at these bags for months and finally decided to take the plunge. I have been using a Tumi laptop briefcase, wihch is very nice, very conservative, and very uncomfortable. I can't decide between the Zepher and the Empier Builder (leaning toward the Zepher) with the absolute strap.

    I currently use a Dell Latitude D630 with the extended battery (widescreen) and am not sure what size Brain Cell would be appropriate because it doesn't seem to be on the list. Any thoughts?

    I really don't want a huge overly bulky bag to use everyday and for travel, which is why I am unsure about the Empire Builder. Do you think that the Zepher would be appropriate to take a computer (as described above), power brick, a few cables, mp3 player, odds and ends, and generally 2-4 inches (most days 2-3) of folders/books/papers? I just don't want to get the smaller one and regret it because it is too small or get the EB and be stuck with a huge bag.

    Any thoughts, help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    -Note- I am an attorney and most of the stuff would be legal papers (maybe legal size), computer, small tech, etc.

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    Hi TIMG,

    Check this out for a comprehensive comparison of the two, courtesy of Zasky:

    Empire Builder & Zephyr: A Comparison, Part I

    This should answer most of your questions, but my advice would be that if you are deciding between these two bags, I would go with the Empire Builder. This way you have extra space should you need it in the future and I honestly think that is worth it vs. the extra bulk in comparison with the Zephyr.

    I'm sure many others have thoughts here, including those who own both, but hopefully you find Zasky's comparison useful!

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