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    Smaller Brain Bag

    I'm eager to check out the Synapse, but I'm also wondering if the idea of a smaller Brain Bag is still in play. The Synapse is on the small side, and as Tom said in a post recently, it's not really intended as a computer/tech pack, but more of a trail/day pack. It seems that awhile back there was talk of a smaller version of the Brain Bag -- has that idea evolved into the Synapse, or is it a separate project?

    I think a slightly scaled down version of the Brain Bag -- which could be virtually identical in terms of pockets/look/design -- would appeal to a lot of people who love everything about the Brain Bag but its size. I know the Smart Alec is supposed to fill that "medium-sized" backpack niche, but it's a very different kind of bag.

    The Empire Builder has the Zephyr and the Super Ego has the Ego. Seems the Brain Bag could use a slightly downsized sibling as well.

    Any chance of this happening, and if so, how far down the line would it be?

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    I 2nd that.

    I have been a happy owner of a brain bag for the last 5 years. I like the dual compartment as I ride to work so I need a place to store my walking shoes separate from my computer. But I just need something just a tad smaller.

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    I feel like what we were hoping for in a smaller Brain Bag did eventually just turn into the Synapse (which I'm really, really hoping I like because I can't wait any longer!). I could be wrong though. That would be exciting.

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