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    Super Ego with Brain Cell and 17in HP

    I just wanted to let people know how amazingly comfortable the Super Ego can be fully loaded. I was not happy that I was "stuck" with a messenger bag instead of a Brain Bag Backpack (since the big HP wont fit). I did not want to carry a heavy asymetrical load on my spine. However, when carried on the lower back, with the stabalizing belt that comes with it, the entire load is shifted to the hips, just like a good backpack. The position of the belt is perfect and the padding on the back of the bag is very comfortable against the lower back.
    This position also keeps the load at a lower center of gravity which helps with stability over the icy sidewalks here in Vermont. And even if I fall on my backside, I am happy knowing that I have such great protections for my PC.

    I opted for the adjustable messenger strap. The wide padded strap is just the best for comfort.
    And toche! for having a bright color on the inside of the bag. It makes it so easy to spot items in the front pocket area.

    I spent a lot of time researching and pondering the problem of a large 17 inch PC rig - and wouldnt you know it - it actually turned out to be a "No Brainer"!

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    Glad to hear you enjoy the Super Ego! I carried the Super Ego for a while and while I ultimately ended up settling on the smaller Ego (not for carrying my 17" wide screen but just for everyday use) I can mirror your sentiments about how great the Super Ego is! As you mentioned, even though it is large and it carries a huge amount of stuff it feels surprisingly comfortable when you carry it and the weight distributes well. Also, the large number of pockets and organizer compartments are an added benefit with a larger bag. To make it even more easy to organize you can always throw the Horizontal Freudian Slip in there!

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