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    Praise for the ID bag!

    I love it. I have room in the open front "bay" for my mp3 player, travel mouse, deck of cards, and other accessories, and my freudian slip, laptop, and whatever textbooks I need for courses fit easily into the main zippered section.

    Praise for Q-AM strap: I remember having some doubts about the Q-AM; I seemed to think it wouldn't be comfortable because Tom Bihn also marketed the absolute strap as the "most comfortable." Wow, was I wrong! The Q-AM doesn't really work like a strap to carry your bag, it turns your bag into something you wear ;p I cinch one strap and the bag is snug against my back; un-cinch and it's free to slide off my shoulder. And I haven't had a sore arm yet after carrying it across campus.

    Praise for the Freudian slip: I don't know how many documents you guys have to carry around, but it's perfect for me. I do most of my note-taking for classes on my laptop, and only need one folder for each class to keep hard documents in(syllabus, few assignments, etc)... and then a planner. There are two slots on the back of the Freudian slip, and I keep the folders for each class in the back one and my planner in the front one. I also keep dedicated pens on the other side of the slip so I always have something to write with. But yeah, it's very convenient to sit down at my desk, pull out only my freudian slip and laptop, and have everything I need--my papers, laptop, and my pens-- to get work done.

    Hmm, there's a lot more I could rave about, but that's it for now ;p

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    Hey Patrick!

    Thanks for your review of the ID -- we posted it on the blog a few days ago.

    I'm going to post pictures on the blog next week of my unique (I imagine) use of the Horizontal Freudian Slip. There were a few prototype versions of the Horizontal Freudian Slip (weird colors or maybe something on the inside wasn't finished) around the office so I'm using them as wall organizer pockets. I stuck a thumbtack on the wall and hung the Freudian Slips by their loops on the thumbtack. I like it because I can store papers/pens/calculater/box opener etc. on the wall instead of my desk, keeping it (somewhat) free of clutter.

    Edited to add: See my use of the Freudian Slip as wall organization here!
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