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    Most Business like, Lux, Swift, Large Cafe Bag?


    I have all 3 TB bags and I was wondering which one is the most business like?

    Lux is Black/Grape

    Swifts are Plum/Steel or Sapphire/Black

    Large Cafe Bag is Plum/Steel

    For casual every day wear I use the Plum/Steel Swift & Cafe Bag set.
    I looove that set up but I think it is too much in formal setting.

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    I have two Swift bags - Steel/Plum And Plum/Black.
    The Steel/Plum bag stays in my car (it matches my interior perfectly), and the Plum/Black is in the house and is my "Formal" bag - the one I take to church or when I am more dressed up.

    I think that the black color combination is more "Businesslike" because it just has two colors. My Plum/Steel has black trim, and looks more "Sporty".

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