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    Question for female Aeronaut owners

    I'm considering getting an Aeronaut. I like the idea of having one travel bag I can use for everything.

    I'm about 5' tall and have a shoulder problem. I'm wondering if it will be a problem to lift the full bag to use as a backpack. I usually carry 2 small bags that are fairly light- the brain bag and a small rolling case.
    What kind of experience have others had with this?

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    a side question re: Brain Bag

    Hi, mrae,

    I don't have an Aeronaut, but I just noticed your post and wanted to ask you if the Brain Bag is comfortable for everyday use, or do you just use it for travel? What's your experience with the BB been like? I'm the same height as you and was looking into getting a backpack.

    Thanks for any advice,

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    I don't use the Brain Bag for every day use. I'm planning on buying the Synapse when it's released. Right now I use either the Imago or the Lux daily.

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    I have the BB and the Aeronaute. I don't think the Aeronaute is that much bigger than the BB.

    I am 5'7, and I think the Aeronaute is more of a east/west soft suitcase and I think it would be ok to carry at the airport by the backpack straps.

    But I would be concerned about longer walks. It all depends on how you travel.

    If you go from the airport to the rental car to the hotel. It is fine, but if you take public transportation to the hotel and do the bulk of your exploring walking or have to go from city to city i would suggest the take the BB.

    Having said that it is a great bag the cutest suitcase ever.

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