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    Padded Stuff Sack?

    I have started taking my camera around with me again, and was looking for a way to carry it around when I'm not taking photos. I usually have my Super Ego with me, but I don't want to put the camera in the main compartment without some additional padding. I tried a regular camera bag, but it's too bulky and unwieldy to get the camera in and out of easily. So I was thinking something along the lines of a padded Stuff Sack might be ideal. It'd provide some additional protection for the camera inside the main bag, but would still provide quick access. Maybe it could even have some flexible dividers inside to accommodate different cameras, accessories, etc. Maybe some pockets, too? Not a big deal for me, as I have organizers for most everything else, but who doesn't like pockets. Another cool thing would be to have attachments for a shoulder strap (like the Convertible Packing Cube) when you want to minimize bulk. I know a lot of people have been wanting a Tom Bihn camera bag, so maybe this is a workable compromise? I'm sure something like this would be useful for other stuff aside from camera equipment (nothing really comes to mind at the time, though).

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    Great Idea Judge!

    The newest small and thin digital cameras, can fit into the padded organizer pouches, I think.

    However, the older ones are difficult to stow. And you are right a camera bag is not the best.

    The biggest challenge are the professional looking big digital cams, I think a
    Ruck Sack would be the best choice to transport them.

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