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    Meet the Guardian Dual Function Light

    The Guardian Dual Function Light

    The Guardian Light (available now; order here; $17) is what Tom found after a three-month search for a safety light that would meet his requirements: rugged, easy to use, works as a safety light or an interior bag light, and worth your hard-earned money. We think you'll be very happy with it. Read more about the Guardian Light on the blog or visit the Guardian Light page for more pictures and information.

    On a personal note: the Guardian Light really does help you see what is inside of your bag. I've used it countless times to find my keys. I have an old prototype Utility Tote that I still love to use despite the fact that it has zero o-rings and thus no place to attach Key Straps, so I end up tossing my keys inside of the bag, seldom being able to retrieve them quickly in dark places/at night...until the Guardian Light came along!! (I sort-of rigged the light around the handle of the tote: don't try this at home! Use the o-rings you have!)

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    Wow, what an awesome product! Sure wish this had been available a couple weeks ago when I ordered my Lux! I'm sure at some point there will be a few items I want and then I'll place an order (hate to pay that $7 shipping charge for one small item!
    Happy owner of a medium cocoa Cafe, small plum Cafe, plum/green Utility Tote, black/purple Lux, mini cork pouch, mini kiwi pouch, mini clear pouch, small blue pouch, assorted key straps, prototype Stuff Sacks, and navy/storm/sapphire Imago!

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    It just missed my recent order for a redesigned Smart Alec. But I expect one of these to be part of my next order.

    I have a mini-light as part of my keychain, but when I'm working on the road, I usually leave my car/house keys in my hotel room to keep my pockets light. But I always have one of my Tom Bihn bags, and the interior light can be used as an exterior light in a pinch.

    I'll have to ponder the red light vs. white light question. I can see the advantages of both, and right now I'm leaning toward the white one.

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    Looks nice and I always misplace my lights. I'll definitely buy when I place my next order (hopefully the synapse soon).

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    Red light uses less batteries!!!! GO RED!!!!

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    My cell phone propelled 4 rows back on takeoff on a flight this week .
    I crawled to the floor after seatbelt lights went off and the plane was dark and used my Guardian Dual Function Light to spot my phone. The white light sent out a strong beam under all the seats behind me!
    Then I walked back the 4 rows and said sheepishly to the gal sitting there,"Could you please pass me my cellphone from next to your feet?"

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    That little light has been a lifesaver during moves and hotel stays.

    At night, ever changing room landscapes are a challenge when one doesn't want to wake up other family members or pets.

    It is also a great reading light.

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    I strap it on my dog's collar, blinking white. Really useful when it's dark in the woods.

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