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    large cafe bag suggestions

    I've just received my large cafe bag and have been trying it out for two days.

    I'm impressed by the attention to detail, such as the way the zipped front pocket is designed with additional material at the top, which prevents items from slipping out even when the bag's flat on my lap.

    One thing I am slightly worried about is whether the material of the absolute strap (the bottom portion in particular) will be able to stand the heat of the tropics.

    Features I would love to see in future versions of the bag:

    1. External pocket for handphone and bus pass that's convenient for both left and right-handers. One that doesn't spoil the clean lines of the bag and that can preferably be accessed without having to lift the flap. Perhaps a more elegant version of this? Or perhaps an additional pocket inside the front external pocket?

    2. Adjustable buckle length for the front flap

    3. More secure interior pockets, especially for the leftmost pocket. When I open the bag while it's flat on my lap (with its main opening facing me), whatever's in this pocket tends to fall out. It's fine if the items fit snugly, but not if there's extra space.

    4. A small pocket on each side (internal) for slipping keys that are attached to the snap hook, so that they won't jangle as I walk. I'm now using the leftmost interior pocket for this purpose.

    5. A small piece of material on each side (external) for securing the additional length of strap. Or any other way to hide the dangly ends.

    6. The width of the back pocket material could be slightly shorter. Right now, it curves open too much and exposes the items inside. I use this pocket mainly for flat items like letters or maps, and would prefer a tighter fit.

      I have an Incase Moya Deluxe and really like the snugness of its back pocket.

    7. An additional (zipped?) pocket inside the back pocket for passport and ticket/boarding pass, or maybe a 'secret compartment' like the Incase Moya. These need to be secure yet easily accessible when travelling (i.e. no fumbling with flaps), especially when carrying other luggage or duty-free shopping.

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    Re: #1, I use the back pocket for those items.

    #2 can probably be done, la the Ristretto.

    #3 - this would be tough, since snug vs not depends on what you (or anyone) is putting in the pocket. The functionality of anything added to secure (like a strap or some such) will probably also depend on what is put in the pocket. It might also involve much more labor and therefore price would go up..

    #4 is a good idea. The pocket that is not in use for the keys could also hold something else that is small (lip balm, candy)

    Re #5, the dangly straps used to bother me too. Now not so much.

    Not sure if it's a great idea to put passports/tickets/boarding passes in a shoulder bag (the Incase Moya Deluxe to me seems like a purse-snatching waiting to happen *g*) - get a Passport Pouch =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by rochford View Post
    [*]Adjustable buckle length for the front flap

    quoted for tr00finess

    in other words, this is the one thing I complain about with my cafe bag...

    when I have my laptop in the bag, it fits well, but just looks rather frumpy and crumpled when I snap it shut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just View Post
    Re: #1, I use the back pocket for those items.
    That's what I tried doing today. Some minor, extremely nitpicking observations:

    1. I've got my hands stuck in it the handle several times when reaching for the phone without looking at the bag. I guess I just need to get used to it, though it might help if the handle were less floppy, or slightly smaller such that my entire palm can't go through it.

    2. I usually put my phone on vibration mode when I'm in a noisy place, as I wouldn't be able to hear it ringing otherwise. Because the phone moves about in the large, loose pocket as I walk, it isn't that noticeable when it's vibrating, unlike when it's sitting a smaller (dedicated) pocket in other bags.

    3. There may be a potential problem of the phone falling out if the bag isn't upright. The scenario I'm thinking of is security screenings at the airport, when bags often have to be placed flat on the conveyor belt. I'd have to remember to transfer the phone to the zipped pocket before that.

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    Some good observations and good ideas. Sounds like a whole new bag for me to design!
    Stay tuned

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