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    Need a new gadget bag...

    Sorry just realized I put this in the wrong forum...sorry.

    I am in need of a new gadget bag. I am currently using a small Timbuk2 messenger bag, and it works great...except that it's starting to kill my back. I want to get a backpack. I have my eye on a Ruck's Sac with a couple of organizer bags.

    Here is what I am carrying on a daily basis. EEE PC, Amazon Kindle, Nintendo DS, Casio Camera, Flip Video Camera, my wallet, a 4GB Zune, pen and notebook. (I know I am gadget addicted)

    I would also like to carry the Zune cable, a USB cable, the EEE PC and Kindle Chargers, a bluetooth mouse and Logitech webcam. (no wonder my back hurts)

    OK with the details out of the way. Will the Ruck's Sac hold all this junk? I am a 5'5" guy with fairly narrow shoulders and I think the pack should be the right size (I want something small so I don't feel tempted to jam too much more in it). Anyone have any pictures of the inside of the bag? Anyone else using this as a gadget bag? How do things sit in the bag, and on the back?

    One last question. I was thinking of getting a medium sized organizer pouch to store the Kindle AND EEE PC adapter. I think the size is ok, but I wonder if anyone else could comment on that.

    Thanks for any comments, I look forward to ordering a new bag (in Olive btw).

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