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Thread: Bike Bags

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    Bike Bags

    Joel stopped by the store today and turned me on to Arkel panniers:
    He says they're great and they look great to me too. Made in Quebec (and you know how much I love that).
    Does anyone else have any experience with Arkel panniers or other bike bags?

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    Thanks for the great link.

    While in high school I used hand-me-downs hard sided vinyl panniers.

    Very handy to transport homework and the like but lacking in the look department and heeeeavy even empty.

    Can't wait to investigate further, thanks for the link.

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    I don't have any experiences with panniers, but I do have a Timbuk2 seat bag. I can fit my keys, wallet, and cell phone inside. Its nice to be able to store these items in the seat bag without having to worry about anything falling out of my pockets while pedaling. But what would be even nicer is to see a Tom Bihn seat bag.

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    I had two Arkel panniers - good bags. I also have several seat bags and several front handlebar bags. I have gone through numerous bags. and change often.

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    I have an Arkel Tail Rider. It's a trunk bag that straps on a bike's carrier rack. It's incredibly well thought out and carefully constructed—it's obvious that a lot thought went into the product. A lot like your products...

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    I have Jandd panniers (I think they are the "commuting" bags) and have been happy with them. They can really hold a lot, as necessary, have held up well for 10 years, and come on and off the bike pretty easily (well, they stay on the bike when they are supposed to, and come off when they are supposed to).

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