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    Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack & Brain Bag

    Could I fit a Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack inside one of the Brain Bag
    compartment using it as a packing cube?

    The Convertible Packing Cube/Shoulder Bag is so handy with my Swifts that I want to duplicate the process with another of my favorite Tom Bihn Bag.

    Come to think of it, I use the Clear Quarter Packing Cube inside my Large Cafe Bag yet another of my favorite Tom Bihn Bags.

    That Dyneema fabric is some kind of find!
    Best way to organize anything without adding any weight.

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    Other packing cubes, other bags

    Since there appear to be multiple posts right now about using packing cubes in different bag combinations, I thought I'd mention that the small size packing cube for the Western Flyer fits nicely in the Buzz, and also works with the Imago. I also use the clear quarter packing cube extensively, but would like to see added a slightly smaller version -- maybe about 3/4 of the current height, or a little above the Lära bar in the picture -- for more convenient use in the divided front pocket of the Western Flyer, end pocket of the Aeronaut, and a few other instances where less height in the stowed cube would make it easier to fit additional items inside of other bags.

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