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Thread: Cafe Bag

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    Cool Cafe Bag

    Hey there Tom Bihn crew! Well, as we all know, summertime fun is just around the corner, and as we will all be sporting our Cafe bags around town, to the beach, and through the woods, I came up with a issue about tank top wearers! A customer brought to my attention that when you have a tank top on, and your Cafe bag, the shoulder strap padding is quite abrasive on bare skin! (And I too noticed this wearing mine just the other day ) Any ideas on making the padding a little more bare skin friendly???

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    Hi Eileen,

    That is a good point. What I'm wondering, however, is that if the pad on the Cafe Bag doesn't have the little nubbies on it, how will it stay on one's shoulder when it is not bare (about 11 months out of the year around here).

    Bare skin friendly = Bag sliding off shoulder. Hmmm.

    Tom & I will be attending a very fun Industrial Fabrics trade show in early October. I'll keep my eye out for a solution there. That doesn't help us for this summer, though.


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