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    How the Q-AM strap helped me catch more of Obama's speech today

    so I work near Times Square in an office building.

    we received an email at 11am from our IT that our bandwidth had hit 100% usage due to excessive streaming of news video sites and to please cut back and this is no small company. 1000 employees and a lot of digital content that we produce.

    but not to worry, for some colleagues and I had planned to check out the speech at a restaurant/bar across the street. but initially we decided to scope out times square and see how it was there since my experience there on Election night was one of the best ever. better to me than any simple New Year's at Times Square could ever be (i have never been to that despite having grown up in Northern NJ)

    it was a nice vibe, good people, and the cheering of a group united in positive thinking and a hope for a better future - of a time when a burden that we carried for eight years was finally released from our existence. but with all that great emotion stocking the air, the audio was no good. So everyone left and I stayed. Stayed to see the swearing in and take in the roar of the crowd when that final oath was taken. I took it all in, got choked up, and then got serious.

    i booked it 5 blocks back to the restaurant by work to be able to hear the speech well. the Q-AM strap came into play here. i cinched my super-ego behind me and took off like a geeky guy chasing his first kiss. this lil strap held the bag against my back letting me run faster than if it was flapping all over the place.

    by my calculations this shaved off a minute of my transportation time.

    so yes, the QAM strap helped me catch more of Obama's speech today, in a normal neighborhood pub, with an attentive crowd of colleagues and strangers all standing quietly, necks strained up to see the tv and watch history unfold in the same direction that their gazes traveled - upwards and towards the sky above.
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    Yesterday, was a wonderful day for America. We need a successful new administration!!!
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