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Thread: Pet gear?

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    Pet gear?

    I know this is not at all bag or travel related, but I find myself making this suggestion in an effort to keep my bags for myself. At the moment, if any of my Tom Bihn bags is on a flat surface, they're fair game for the cats.

    Any chance of a simple pet bed? A rectangle with a bit of padding?

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    Hmm. We have a roll of this pretty interesting fabric that we haven't yet found a use for - mainly because it attracts pet hair like crazy. Maybe we could make a combination pet bed/groomer bed - the bed that collects the hair your pet sheds! Instead of shedded hair everywhere, it would mostly be collected on the bed - one thing to clean instead of a bunch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzporah View Post
    Any chance of a simple pet bed? A rectangle with a bit of padding?
    I second that.
    Having a rectangle with a bit of padding and a water resitant side would be great. I could train my dog to stay on it wherever I go (restaurant, train etc...)
    It should be easy to fold or to roll.

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    Good stepmom gave me a square of canvas to collect my parakeet's feathers/seed hulls so I could just shake it out once in a while instead of vacuuming all the time.

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