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    Suggestion: facilitating combined shipping among forum members?

    After hearing Tom say about the high cost of shipping to Australia "we want people to get together and put in a big order" I've been pondering - would the company consider using the forums to facilitate shared shipping to overseas destinations?

    I can think of several ways to do it - each person pays for their order separately, or one person places the order and collects payments from other people.

    Obviously there would be many traps - watching out for duty free limits would be a big one but something could be done?

    Just a thought!


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    Any Swedish Tom Bihn Fans Out There?

    Fantastic idea.

    My experience with UPS and HMRC in England was not good. I have been putting off other purchases until I could get to the USA in person.

    That being said, I live in Sweden now and have yet to try importing goods from outside the EU, so I do not know the procedure.

    I have a list of items I want to purchase, so if anyone in or around Göteborg or Stockholm wants to get together we can split the duties/delivery charges.


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