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Thread: Few ideas....

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    Few ideas....

    There aren't many, but they are finally starting to trickle out. What do I mean? Netbook bags! Tom Bihn needs to do a Netbook bag that willl carry a netbook, it's adapter, and a few acessories. Any plans on doing that???

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    Completely agree, I would love to see a Tom Bihn netbook bag or soft case. I have three Dell mini 9 netbooks. I recently purchased the smallest soft cell case. It works, but it is a little large. I use a standard size notebook at work and bring it home each night. I would also like to bring a netbook with me each day. A netbook case that would work either by itself or with a Empire Builder.

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    darcy mentioned that tom is working on several new bags for netbooks. i'm excited to see what he comes up with!

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    I ordered the Ristretto to carry my Dell Mini 10. I've been using it for a little over a week and I'm really loving it. I do use a mesh bag for the power cable and put that in my bag. I use a TB mini organizer pouch for my wireless mouse, and put that in one of the interior pockets.

    So far, this is working well for me. I've been tempted to get a neoprene sleeve for the Mini and put that in the padded pouch, but it might be overkill.

    I really am loving this arrangement. I just haven't taken photos yet for the TB Flickr group and the "what do you put in your TB" forum here.

    Oh, and I'm really loving the TB wallet. I find as I get older, I'm paring down/simplifying what I carry with me in some ways.

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