I realize the MacMini bag's been discontinued, but if the secret recipe has not been lost, I think it should be revived

I am excited about getting (next week?) <a href="http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/benq-joybee-gp1-mini-projector/">a small LED projector</a>; several companies have come out (or are now coming out) with these, and they will be getting better and better.

Right now, the big downsides are brightness and resolution. Even the most anemic conventional projector is much brighter than any of the (reasonably affordable, available) LED-based ones, though there are high-end ones in the works that are closer to parity with the normal, incandescent ones.

It soon won't be unreasonable I think for one's carry-on luggage to include not only a change of clothing and a paperback, but a decent laptop *and* a decent projector Which is pretty neat, IMO.