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    Selling & Swapping pre-owned Tom Bihn bags

    I can't find anything useful for this on this forum, so I'm posting in hopes it will work. It seems like this forum should have a place for all of us Tom Bihn enthusiasts to sell out-grown or old Tom Bihn gear as we upgrade and update our own. Putting it out in the world of eBay or on our local Craigslist works, sort of, but let's face it, once you've had a Tom Bihn, there's nowhere else to really find a good selection. This seems to be the home of the Tom Bihn tribe.

    So I've got a nice red-and-black Super Ego that I'd like to pass on, as I graduate to an Empire Builder. Also have a horizontal brain cell (4X - Wasabi) to fit a 17" laptop, as I've downsized to a 15" (and just got my new 4Z Brain Cell). Here's the Brain Cell:

    If anyone is interested, please contact me, and let me know if there's a better place to do this. Thanks for reading and your thoughts!

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    I'm new here but isn't selling used TB bags here, like asking Bestbuy if you can stand in front of the store and sell your used TV.


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    Quote Originally Posted by moolman View Post
    I'm new here but isn't selling used TB bags here, like asking Bestbuy if you can stand in front of the store and sell your used TV.

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    It's come up before, and (forgive me, Darcy, if I paraphrase inaccurately) the double upshot's been:

    1) This isn't a good forum for it, for various reasons (it's a friendly forum mostly about discussion and ideas; not that selling stuff is unfriendly, but perhaps it would detract from the general gentility)

    2) If you sell stuff, you may gently link to your auction etc. here.

    That said, I have bought two different bags from people who have politely mentioned their interest in selling, and I have been impressed with them in the way that people are, with how new-looking Bihn bags tend to remain. So I hope that when people do sell, that it remains OK to mention it here.

    My new vs. used ratio I think is just at 50/50 I guess in a year or so I hope someone's decided to trade up / sideways from a black / solar Tri-Star


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