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Thread: I Can'tWAIT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbrown627 View Post
    What a morning I had....I hope people don't mind me telling about was fantastic. I wasn't sure it would turn out that way because it started out with problems...but then...oh, my....a surprise....ecstasy mixed with giddiness....I felt like the male version of Meg Ryan from the deli scene in "When Harry met Sally." I pounded the table screaming Yes, Yes, Yes......

    I got the UPS tracking number for my Tri-Star....too bad I have to wait until next Friday to get it. (Darn, why do I have to live so far from Seattle.)
    reading your post made my morning! that was hilarious!

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    Got my UPS alert this morning. Delivery next Friday. Ya got love this company. Now I got to find some place to travel to.
    Thanks Darcy you beat your schedule. Its a pleasure doing business with TB and gang.


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    I got my UPS alert today. It's scheduled to arrive on the 18th! I'm so excited and I've got plenty of time to pack before my trip on the 27th.

    Everyone at Tom Bihn rocks the house.
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