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    Mid-size backpack

    Would love to see a mid-size backpack. Have a Smart Alec, which is great... but rather bigger than I want a lot of the time. Ruck's Sack is too small for me though! MDH has an old Tom Bihn backpack, classic style with a zipper up one side, across, and down the other - with a smaller section same thing... wish we could still get one that approximate size from you guys.

    Thanks -


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    Hello! Welcome! Please see the thread about the Synapse backpack! At 18 liters, it is supposed to be bigger than the Ruck's Sack, and eagerly awaited by all here!

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    Ha. I guess it's all relative. I consider the Smart Alec mid-sized and and soon as I can save up for it I hope to buy one. I'm using my Brain Bag now and I'd like to downsize.

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