I would like to see Tom Bihn design a couple of inserts, somewhat conceptually similar to the Freudian Slip, to hold CDs and DVDs. In particular, I'd like to see something that can be used for both pre-recorded and blank media.

When I took a trip to Washington, DC this past March, I took along a slim cake box of blank CD-Rs in case I had to burn one to give to somebody. Obviously, that's too bulky and heavy to be practical. I also took some plastic slimline CD jewel cases along to put a freshly burned disc inside of in case I handed one out. I carried all of this, along with my Macbook Pro and accessories, in a Kensington Saddlebag backpack. Needless to say, the whole monstrosity became quite heavy after a while, lugging it from one legislative office to another.

Why can't TB design a colorful CD/DVD wallet that could house discs? It should be something that could be carried in various TB backpacks, as well as Messenger Bags or even a Checkpoint Flyer. Think of it as a Freudian Slip for computer disc media. If a Disc Slip could be made in different colors, a consumer could buy more than one and insert them into a bag. Each Disc Slip could hold something different. A blue Disc Slip could hold entertainment DVDs. A red Disc Slip could hold blank DVD-Rs, etc.

It would be interesting to see if a Disc Slip could be designed to fit into the zippered pockets on the front flap of the Checkpoint Flyer.