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Thread: light hook

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    light hook

    I have a medium cafe bag and a Imago that I use for bike commuting all the time. I am also looking at the Synapse (there needs to be a Betty Ford clinic for bags...).

    I would love a small strap offered for bags with a flap that I could hook a light to. You used to offer something along these lines but alas no more. What I am thinking is 1" wide strap mounted horizontally on the flap with the ends sewn to the bag and the middle 'loose.' Then I could easily and safely attach my light vertically to the bag. I currently attach the light horizontally to the bag's latch strap but it has jumped off the bag several times at inopportune times.

    Keep up the great work!

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    hi Jbusteed,

    welcome to the clinic!

    will the guardian light with lanyard attached to the o-ring in your cafe bag or imago work?

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