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    Western Flyer Sling on Ebay

    Just wanted to let people know I've put my Western Flyer sling up on ebay. Recently hurt my back, and I don't get enough support with the sling. I love the bag, but have switched to an aeronaut with waist belt for the time being. We'll see how it goes. Hope I don't have to make the switch to a wheelie!

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    How old is this bag? How did you get this with only one backpack strap? Is there another backpack strap to go with it?

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    When the WF was first introduced, (2 yrs ago? or so?), it was designed to be a sling bag with only the one strap. The backpack variant was subsequently introduced. Shortly thereafter, the sling was discontinued in favor of the 2 strap design - presumably because of popularity and demand. As a congenital early adopter, I have one of those original WFs. It's a great bag. Since I am more of a messenger bag kind of person (as opposed to a backpacker-type), the sling has never been an issue for me.

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