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    Cool Detachables or transformers

    Take the "Side Effect" and marry it with the large cafe bag.

    Then you could separate the "bags" depending on what activities are planned for the day.

    You could build up to a backpack with a bunch of different bags.

    Right now I am not using the Swift bag to carry knitting. It carries my lunch bag and stainless steel water bottle. Depending on weather conditions, the umbrella. I have also attached a strap from another item to the eye hooks at each end of the bag. The stap keeps on my shoulder a lot better than the handles.
    Then I use the handles when appropriate.

    I basically have "transformed' it into a utility tote.

    Like Sly said, "different strokes for different folks".
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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    That is what I have done with my Sapphire and Plum Swifts all summer.

    They held my lunch, 2 large Contigo spill proof mugs, organic snack bars and also 2 small yogurts.

    I also had a Stuff Sack with my "on the go" small needlework project.

    A Packing Cube Shoulder Bag place in the center of the bag contained hat, matching scarf, glasses, sunscreen, headbands and extra C-clips with room left for the two book I usually carried.

    On top of that, I sometimes stuffed a newly purchased accessory not to be missed as being the right color and on sale.

    The Swift is not only a fashionable accessory for crafty yarn collectors, it can also meet the need of our other personalities, the book lover, the bargain shopper and money saver who packs his/her healthy lunch.

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