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    College student bag for large laptops

    A sizable chunk of the population are forced into using large screen laptops, but don't carry much else. So, instead of the Super Ego being the only bag large enough to hold my SXPS16 (and many other large laptops), how about a bag for such laptops with 3"-4" thickness for books, a water bottle pocket and a clear spot for our student ID's, badges, etc.

    Also, I think it might be time to bump up to leather... The designs here are the most functional I've found, but I'd really prefer to have a leather material instead of cloth. I know it's a drastic change in mfg., but they'd look a lot better, last a big longer (I think), prevent the "pilling" of clothing upon friction and will never need re-waterproofing.

    Poor later, I'm sure...but class just started.

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    hi siress,

    welcome to the forum!

    if you're open to a backpack design, i think the smart alec backpack and vertical brain cell will give you what you need.

    the smart alec is about 7" wide, and about 3" of that is occupied with the brain cell, leaving ou another about 4" of space for books and so forth.

    there isn't a place for an id, but you could place your id in a clear organizer wallet and connect it to the o-ring in either the main compartment of the smart alec or one of the side compartments.

    let me know if you think this might work.

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