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    My second new Tom Bihn Bag

    Well it is unfortunate but I was robbed about 2 months ago they didn't get much that I cared about A TV that needed to be replaced PS3 and some McFarlane figures. They also took two video phones that friends had decided were the next greatest business venture and I couldn't get rid of on ebay just trying to cover shipping. I don't have any jewlery, if you do the cops say its like saying hey grab me if you a jewlery or lock box (think incognito).

    It took me till the next morning when I realized the crooks did take one thing that I would miss more than anything else my Tom Bihn Super Ego Black/Steel/Saphire. Now that made me mad I was more irritated that some jerk was going to sell something that I loved for 5 bucks probably. So I emailed Tom Bihn through the link on the website to see if I could get a receit and a couple days later it came in the mail thanks Casey. That receit got me full value minus five bucks guess the insurance company knows value for atleast one product. So today I received my second new Tom Bihn Bag now the first choice was subdued this time I decided to stick out so Black/Crimson/Steel with a cork strip. So I filled it up and I actually feel like I can say I am over this experience and just happy to have my new bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glwdubbs View Post
    So I filled it up and I actually feel like I can say I am over this experience and just happy to have my new bag.
    Sorry to read of your troubles, glwdubbs. I'm glad you are getting on with getting on. Great that you got your new bag so quick and you are happy. The healing power of a Tom Bihn bag strikes again!
    Bags: Super Ego (Black/indigo w/cork seatbelt); Aeronaut (Crimson/Steel); 2 Medium Cafe Bags (Navy/Cayenne, Linen/Olive), w/an Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap; Large Cafe Bag (Cocoa/Wasabi) w/Absolute Strap; Imago (sadly lost to hazmat); a Brain Cell w/ another Strap Wrap; and a Shop Bag (Steel). Accessories: Bunches and bunches.
    Wanted: Zephyr or Empire Builder.
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    Because it is so unique, you might be able to track down and get back your former Super Ego.

    Check your local Craiglist, do some Ebay search, they knew it was valuable and a seller with video phones and a Super Ego might just be goose that stole the golden egg.

    If you find such a listing, contact your local law enforcement immediately so they can start bidding and get the culprit or maybe another of his victim.

    I am happy that you got a new Super Ego

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