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    Synapse additions

    I love my plum/solar Synapse. After using it for a little while, I noticed that I'd like a few things either added in or that I can add:

    - more 'O' rings! Two more on the front side of the big section, and one in the small pocket on the front; those little things are soooo handy!

    - padding on the bottom (or a separate pad that I could slide in). I carry both my MBA and my Kindle DX (the DX in the big pocket) and while both are in padded covers*, I still feel I have to be careful putting the Synapse down on a hard floor (like tile) or concrete. A little pad on the bottom would ease my mind.

    - a clear organizer "cube" that is made to fit the bottom pocket. I've found that pocket is perfect for all sorts of cables and ac adapters but I'd love a pouch / cube that fit that shape. Right now I'm stuffing three pouches in there and while they certainly fit, it would be lovely to have a single one. A single-sided Snake Charmer or a Kit with a slightly different shape might work well, too. Anything to help me corral all those cables.

    Loving the Synapse - just the right size for me, though I probably should not fill it quite so full. It can carry so much that I tend to put in all sorts of things that I might use rather than what I will use.

    The wait was definitely worth it!

    * yes, a vertical Cache is on my Christmas list. -- Ack! I just discovered there is no vertical Cache for an MBA! Please, oh, please add one.
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