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Thread: ID Update?

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    Question ID Update?

    I see from a post by Darcy that there were some IDs up from the factory in late June. The ID FAQ says there are bags in the stores, but the main ID page says nothing's shipping until November. Can someone clarify all that for me? I'm heading to a conference in mid-October, and would love to have something smaller than my Brain Bag to haul my iBook around the hotel.. the ID looks perfect, but I'm not sure if it's "safe" to order right now.

    What should I do?! *grin*

    Oh, and by the way... it would be really cool if you could feature photos of your bags ON people. Sometimes it's hard to get a clear idea of the actual scale of the bags just from measurements.

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    Sadly, ID's are completely out of stock. However, our factory is ahead of schedule in production and they could be ready as early as mid-October.

    If you'd like to try and get the ID before your trip, I recommend placing an order now and specifying in the comments field during the checkout process the date you need the ID by. We will do our best to get it to you by then.

    And I agree about the bags on people shots....!
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