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    Need a slim line notebook

    Hi ppl,

    I'm in Australia and looking for a quality slimline notebook case, for my re-badged Arima (Taiwanese) 15.4" widescreen notebook. The dimensions of my notebook are: 355mm x 255mm x 35mm. My notebook can be seen at this link:

    I'm looking for something like a sleeve for it, so it is light, and just fits the notebook, so it will be convenient to take on aircraft. My greatest concern is trying to keep weight down, while still affording the notebook some protection.

    Looking at Tom Bihn's range, it would seem either the Brain Cell or Monolith may suit my needs.

    Can anyone tell me their respective weights?

    How much would the postage be to Australia (I assume it would be via air)?

    If the size was incorrect, could I return it by post and receive the correct size for my notebook?

    The appropriate sized Brian Cell seems to be the size 2 (360mm x 305mm x 57mm), as my notebook a little too wide at 35mm for the size 1, which is 32mm wide (unless it stretches a little).

    Any advice will be much appreciated.



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    Hello Dazz,

    Thanks for your interest in our bags.

    Actually, I think that the Size 1 Brain Cell and Monolith will fit your laptop. The computer is a little bit thicker, but it will still work.

    Both of these bags weigh about 1 pound.

    We ship to international customers via US Postal Service Express Mail. The service to Australia has been very fast and reliable - about 2-3 business days plus any time needed in customs. The cost for this service to Australia is $24.

    If you plan to put our case inside another bag, you'll want be sure to check the exterior dimensions to make sure that it will fit.

    Returns/exchanges are not a problem - although it can be rather pricey with the international shipping costs.

    Please let me know if I you have any other questions.

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    Hi Sunga,

    Thanks for your reply. I've measure the notebook again and the size 1 seems to be appropriate for my notebook.

    Are there any current Tom Bihn discount codes being offered, either general discounts or for specifically for the Braincell (it would help defray the cost of postage)?

    If there are any discounts currently, it would be great if you could let me know.



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