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    self sealing practically?

    Because I can't be outdone totally by Moose , I kept poking my sample with the size 0 US/2mm DP. I did actually get through the fabric. Not. Easy. I really had to work to do it, and I think that means that it will rarely happen if ever in actual use.

    Darcy, I hope you keep a large supply of fresh sewing needles for your incredible sewers there at TB.

    What I thought was VERY cool-- that rubberized stuff seems to be self-healing/self-sealing. It's really hard to tell where the DP poked through on either side of the swatch fabric.

    And the cat hair? Seems to fall off the outside of the fabric fairly quickly. Not as quickly as the "inside"-- probably because of texture, but pretty quickly.

    Moose, can't wait to hear the woodchipper report...
    Laura Gayle

    Cadet (black/Iberian), travel tray, cache for Mac keyboard and 13" MBP, Ego, Aeronaut (steel/solar), Tri-star (steel/solar), 2 Absolute straps, 3D clear organizer cube, Swift, Ristretto (black/olive), stuff sacks (all sizes), snake charmer, 2 Kits, various organizer pouches, clear organizer wallet, 2 large Shop Bags... and a partridge in a pear tree.

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    Darcy, I sent you an email a while ago with my thoughts - let me know if you didn't get it!
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    Thumbs up

    I think Moose outdid any testing the rest of us could do, combined! Go Moose.

    If the edges of the fabric are finished, I don't think any fiber could be a problem, save maybe a really short-fiber dog hair spin, since cat hair does like the rubberized side, but that's a best-guess trying-to-find-fault.

    I didn't think I'd like it much, but I actually wouldn't mind another Swift in this! I kept pulling out yarns thinking, 'ok, this one'll stick' and it didn't.

    One big selling point for me is the ease of cleaning the inside of spills. I think we all carry bottles of water, thermoses of tea, coffee, even hot chocolate, and of course sodas in our bags during the commute. I routinely turn my Swift inside out and clean the iinterior of spills. It would be immensely easier to clean the rubberized fabric!

    Thank goodness for the yarn stuff sacks, or I'd have self-striped brown socks by the dozens (What color are those socks you're making? Oh, diet Dr. Pepper with latte highlights and a Red Zinger motif...)
    Indigo Co-Pilot w' Cache, Sapphire/Olive Medium Cafe bag, Sapphire/Black and Indigo Ballistic Swifts, 50+ assorted Stuff Sacks/Pouches/Key Straps, 4 Shop Bags. 2 Absolutes, 2 Strap Wraps, a #5 Brain Cell, 3 Clear Quarter Packing Cubes , 3 Aeronaut cubes, a 3D, a Kit, a Convertible Shoulder Bag and Convertible Backpack for my Indigo/Solar Aeronaut. Last, 3 Lifefactory Bottles and my Plum Field Journal! Plus a blue (natch) FOT. All bags decked out with Tom Bihn luggage tags .

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    I found that the outside of the sample was a pet fur magnet (with both the cat and the dog who was with us that week). I also found, through safety-pinning the sample to my Small Cafe Bag, that it did get pull-y and pilled and roughed up during my daily commute. After that process, the threads did catch on everything brushed up against the sample.

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