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    Canadian Shipment

    How long would it approximately take? I was a tad confused after reading the faq. Anyways i'm in toronto Canada. Are there any resellers in Toronto? I'm extremely interested in the monolith and brain cell.


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    Canadian Shipping

    Hi Nick,

    This is Teresa, your friendly Tom Bihn shipping manager. We are currently testing with a shipment to Montreal to see how long Express Mail International actually takes to reach eastern Canada. We've been told up to 5 weeks because of a customs backlog but we've also been told perhaps things have started to quicken up a bit. If you select UPS Expedited as the method of shipment it should take 3 business days to reach you. I'll let you know when we have a more exact idea about Express Mail. UPS Expedited for a Monolith or Brain Cell costs about $9 US more than Express Mail.

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