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Thread: ID Suggestion

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    ID Suggestion

    When I ordered my Braincell, to fit my new Motion M1400 Tablet, I also purchased the Absolute Shoulder Strap to use with it. I carry the Braincell around using this strap and it works great. However, I am finding that I need to be able to carry a little more, like paper tablets, files, pens, markers etc, than can fit in my Braincell.

    This is the place I came to look to buy a bag that would fit my need. It looks like the ID bag is just the thing. Imagine my surprise when I noted that I could not use my Absolute Shoulder strap with the ID. Are there any plans to make the ID bags so that the Absolute Shoulder strap can be used with it? Or can I get one made just for me?

    Darryl Rains

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    Sadly, the very cool buckle that attaches your strap to the ID only is available in a 2" size.

    The fittings on the Absolute Shoulder strap are currently only available in a 1 1/2" size.

    Until such a time that these fittings are made compatible, we will be as disappointed as you are that these two products are not compatible.

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