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    Needed: Tristar With One Single Compartment

    I wish the company would offer a Tristar with one single compartment instead of the three. Why? I don't need 3 compartments with packing cubes. -Thank you.

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    I think I have to agree. If I don't travel with my laptop, then that middle compartment is sort of a waste. I'm wondering how much more available space there would be without at least one of those dividers...(I do like the front section that's divided into two, or at least has the option to be divided)

    Sounds like there could be a big business in everything-a-la-carte at Tom Bihn. But what a pain in the tush to manufacture!

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    When not traveling with a laptop--as in leisure travel--I use the middle compartment for my messenger bag which is my daybag. It's so much easier going place to place with only one bag. The messenger bag only comes out on planes, trains or when my Tri-Star is at my hotel.
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