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    Are new Brain Bag colors being considered?

    I've got the Ego, the Super Ego, the Aeronaut, and the Large Cafe Bag... so, yes, I'm an addict. But despite my best efforts to look "more professional" (aka "more like an adult") and use messenger style bags, in my heart, I am a backpack person (aka "still a kid at heart"). While the Ego and the Super Ego are nice for business trips, if I'm travelling for me, I want a backpack.

    I took an L.L. Bean Deluxe Pack with me to Comic-con. It replaced a vintage 1985 Bean Deluxe Pack which tore after very heavy usage. Sad to say, the new Bean pack... for lack of a better term sucked compared to the original vintage Bean pack and it totally paled in comparison to the Bihn bags I've been using recently.

    So I'm trying to plan what to put on my list for Santa and a Brain Bag is right at the top. I don't have anything in Navy so that's intriguing... Olive is okay but not really my favorite green. Are there any plans for new colors over the next few months?

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    I think it would be great to have a Signature Colour for each Bag available for only one year. I don't know how feasible it would be.

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