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    Thumbs up Absolute strap as a camera strap

    The Canon strap that came with my XS DSLR that I used in our Seattle trip was uncomfortable at times.

    Tonight, I made a temporary attachment using the Absolute strap I have for other bags. It seems to work quite well. I just attached the clips on the Absolute strap to the Canon strap loop to see how the strap would fit.

    Actually, It works rather well. Now, I'll have to look for some small key rings to attach to the camera so that the Absolute strap can hook into it.

    Seems like an OK solution so far.

    What I dislike about the usual camera straps is they can get twisted very easily. The Absolute strap wouldn't.
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    The Crumpler Industry Disgrace is what I use and is very comfortable, made out of neoprene like the Absolute Strap.

    Maybe TB can produce something similar when they also come out with the Camera Insert?

    Or maybe not since the Absolute Strap is made by Op/Tech I think?

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    Op Tech make very nuce camera straps in the "mini-absolute" style. Mr Falconea swears by his (and has an Absolute strap on his camera bag!).


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