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    Smart Alec and O rings

    I started using my Smart Alec again recently and it struck me that it would benefit from more O rings. Mine is maybe a bit over a year old so maybe this has changed but as near as I can tell I have just one in the main compartment. With just 3 pouches the entire bag is pulled in one direction and sags. Also it's kind of hard to sort through the pouches when they all join to the same ring. I never really realized this until I got my Synapse which seems to have many more options for O rings.
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    Yes: the Smart Alec could do with more thoughtfully positioned O-rings in the main compartment. I have come to realize that where and how they are positioned makes a big difference. The Synapse--I love that it has two in the main compartment; but I do wish it was on the opposite wall--so that the pouches can fall into the built in pouch area. I am sure Tom had his reasons for not doing that, but would like to know. The old Ruck's Sac--which is tiny--had 3 O-rings in the main compartment.

    I would also have liked an 0-ring in the water bottle pocket of the Synapse for those times when I do not carry one. It would have been the perfect handy place to store my wallet and ID, and swing it out without too much trouble.

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    After watching Maverick's excellent demonstration video for the Smart Alec on Tom Bihn's YouTube Channel, I can see where someone could use multiple pouched items to be well-organized. And I can see where this would lead to problems if too many heavily packed pouches burdened one side of the backpack.

    Does anyone know how much Bihn would charge for an extra o-ring being installed?
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