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    Right-Hipped/Left-Hipped versions?

    Hi Tom & the rest of the TB crew!

    I'm going to be ordering an ID here shortly , and had a couple (ok, a few) questions...

    Tom, you said in another post that the plane ticket pocket had been moved from the left side of the bag to the right side of the bag. Is that the case for all new ID's?

    Also, after comparing the Hipster to the ID and reading your questions on the above thread, I was curious if you've considered offering different versions of your bags depending on the side they're carried on.

    I carry my current bag with the strap from my right shoulder to my left hip. Was the current configuration of the ID bag seems designed for that? I inferred that it might have been, esp. given the location of the flap pocket and its zipper.

    Oh, and any new color combos of the ID coming out anytime soon? I'm enamored of the black/charcoal/wasabi right now...


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    Yes, the plane pocket has been moved to the right side of the bag on all current ID's.

    We've found that many people carry their bag alternately on their left and right shoulders. Ask your chiropractor - he'll tell you this is a good idea.

    I designed the ID so that it looked good and figured most people would be satisfied most of the time with the access to the pockets it provided.

    We have added Black/Kiwi/Deep Blue as a new color combination. That will most likely be the only new color combination for a while.

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