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    What to do with the new ultrasuede colors, some ideas :)

    Well... Ever since I saw the new array of Ultrasuede colors, I got inspired.

    Divider in Sea Green, Sol Yellow and Fire Red could be incorporated as dividers in Medium (closest size to the FJN, I think) and Large Clear Pouches as project files which involve deadlines.

    Using Green, Yellow, Red is an handy and universal visual reminder when time is of the essence.

    For particularly important projects Medium or Large Pouches in Iberian or Crimson could be used with the 3 deadlines colors, Sea Green, Sol Yellow or Fire Red.

    Another trio of Ultrasuede color divider could house paper in one Clear Pouch for different classes, family members, craft projects, travel planning...

    A Clear Pouch for each family member could include all health related checkups neatly filed with the help of Ultrasuede dividers.

    The same system can be used for warranties, timetables, children or pets activities, etc..

    I would love Indigo, Plum, Steel, Black and Steel Dyneema Pouches with Peony Pink, Slate Blue and Sea Green inserts.

    I have used Large Clear Pouches as organizing tools for 2 years.
    They are great!

    I use thin poly file folders to organize paperwork inside the Large Clear Pouches but I have a feeling that Ultrasuede inserts would be lighter and easier to deal with.
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