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    Get My Ristretto Today!!!!

    Well, I have, again, Tom Bihn anticipation syndrome. I'm getting my new Ristretto today in Steel/Wasbi!! Can't wait to get home from work. I feel like a kid getting a new toy. I'm going to be using it for my iPad, along with some daily work stuff too. Now I add that to my Tom Bihn collection of:

    - Synapse - Black/Steel
    - Brain Bag - Black/Steel
    - Aeronaut - Steel
    - Medium Cafe Bag - Black/Steel
    - Ristretto - Steel/Wasibi - Time to get a little color in my Tom Bihn Collection!!!

    I'll have to take a picture of all my Tom Bihn Family..

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    How exciting! Is it totally awesome? I bet it is!

    And it's funny because I came on the forum to post about my excitement that my Steel/Solar Tri-star with Absolute Strap is in at my local UPS station and will be delivered tomorrow!

    - Medium Cafe (Cocoa/Olive)
    - Small Cafe (Cocoa/Wasabi)

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