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    Wow. My Tri-Star is here!

    I thought I'd love it, but I wasn't prepared for the sheer wonder this bag.

    Every inch of it is beautiful and well made.

    I cannot wait to travel with it. My husband was oohing and aahing over it while we opened each zipper to explore it. He hadn't "stalked" the Tri-Star on-line like I had for the past two months, so it was fun for me to show him all the awesome features. And I was even surprised to find that it comes with a pack of zipper pulls. That was a nice little bonus. And there was a key strap, too. How nice!

    I chose to get the Steel/Solar color. I like more muted colors, but didn't want Black. I was a little concerned about how the Steel would look next to my Cocoa Cafe bags (I have one small and one medium), but they really look nice next to each other. The Steel seems to have just a hint of a blue-ish/green-ish tint which works well with the Cocoa.

    So, thanks Tom Bihn folks! I'm amazed at your line of products.

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    I have the same steel/solar bag. Love it. I've been doing a lot of cross-country flying the last couple of months and the Tri-Star has been the perfect carry-on bag. I have the matching packing cubes and everything fits in it's own place so it's easy to stay super organized. It's also easy to know when I'm missing something.

    My last trip was short and I packed light. I was very impressed with how well the Tri-Star holds it's shape when it's underpacked. One set of clothes in he back, laptop in it's cache-type holder and cords in the middle, snake charmer, 3D clear cube for liquids and a paperback book in the front. Boarding passes in the front zip compartment. Carried it as a backpack. Love how it stands up on it's own, even when half-empty. Slides right into the small bins on American's regional jets, under the seat in first class, etc. It's been perfect for me. And the cat's hair doesn't stick to it. That's an added plus, for sure. The Tri-Star is about as perfect as a bag can be, IMHO.

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