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    Would anyone like to trade?


    I've been a lurker on the Bihn forums for a little while now, and I love the information given here, and the community that provides it! The packing lists, and bag answers are all so helpful!

    I've been traveling with my Tri-star, (as well as my Imago day-to-day, and my boyfriend uses his Aeronaut) and I love it, but I find it is too big for my needs. I'd really like to get a Western Flyer, as it's the same style of bag, but a little smaller.

    I know selling is prohibited on the forums, but I was wondering if there was anyone here who had been using a Western Flyer and found it to be too small for their needs. I don't really have the need for two of these bags, so maybe we could trade?

    I got my Tri-star (Indigo/Solar) in July, and it's seen some travel, but is still in great condition. If you're looking to move to a bigger bag, and don't have the need for the smaller Western Flyer anymore, let me know!



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    I'm also looking to trade, although in style rather than size.

    I have a very lightly used black/black/steel/reflective Super Ego that, fully loaded, is too heavy for me without the waist strap and rides up too high with it. (My 5'6" needs just a few more inches of height to make it work.)

    I'd like to replace it with either a Synapse or a Smart Alec. I don't think the main compartments on a Brain Bag is deep enough to hold my 4.5"x7.5" lunch containers, but if I'm wrong, that's fair game, too.

    So if you're a tall-ish sort looking to swap a backpack for a messenger bag, let me know.


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    WF <---> TS

    funny...i've got WF and always had buyers remorse at not getting TS

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    I have a Navy Blue Brain Bag that I have used for some trips as a carry-on and would be interested in trading. It would carry my laptop and clothes for a weekend trip. Open to either messenger or briefcase style. Thanks

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    I bought a steel Co-Pilot in ballistic nylon. I'd trade for a Co-Pilot in Dyneema, any color.

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    Andi .. have you traded? Not sure how to address this, to not cross any forum etiquette lines. I could try to PM you, or my username is also a gmail address for me. Cheers.

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