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    Brain Cell like Portfolio

    I have a Toshiba M200, and I'm currently carrying it inside a Toshiba Tablet Portfolio. However, the portfolio is heavy and made of leather - not at all what I want. And of course, it doesn't have the Tom Bihn tag! I'm transporting that inside an ID.

    The concept I have in mind is just like a brain cell, except that it's zippered around on three sides, leaving the bottom of the brain cell as a spine. Inside would be elastic straps to hold the tablet or laptop in place (one that goes across the hinge section, and two others that are angled to just hold the corners, so that it can be used while still attached to the case. The idea being that you unzip it and fold back the top, exposing the tablet screen for ready use. Additionally, there would be elastic straps on the inside of the folded back portion, to slip your hand through for supporting the tablet during 'walk about' usage.

    Maybe instead of an all around zipper it could be made with the velcro at the top - but with sides that overlap - the top lapping over the bottom sides. The shoulder strap rings would have to be setup so that they were not on the narrow side, but one on the front side of the case, and the other on the back side of the case.

    I currently own an ID, an Eclipse (that I loaned out, but can't get back because we can't buy another one!), an older brain bag and an empire builder, and three sizes of brain cells, to fit my various laptops. Tom Bihn bags are the best, and they are the only ones I recommend!

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    I used to have a laptop case called a Wetsuit that functioned just as you describe. It was a "play-through" case that you never needed to remove the computer from, and was made of neoprene (wetsuit material). It had a shoulder strap and a minimal, Bihn-style handle.

    I really loved it. A few years and a couple computers later, I went looking for one, and couldn't find it. It is, indeed, a great idea.

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    Your idea for a work-in case case is a good one; however, it presents many challenges to maintain the integrity of the protection for the laptop, which is why we have not done a case like this so far.

    That said, we hope to have time in the future to prototype and build a case more or less as you described while we work out the laptop protection issues such a case would have.

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