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    Messenger Backpack

    Iím looking for a messenger backpack -- a bag that opens with a flap and preferably just one click, like a typical messenger bag, but with two straps to distribute the weight, like a typical backpack. After extensive searching, Iíve found rather few (locally made, high quality) options out there. Some are for serious bikers, which Iím not, and/or are just too heavy/complicated/manly for me. Hereís the best one Iíve found so far (called ďthe swiftĒ!) though itís not available yet:

    Of course my preference would be to purchase a Tom Bihn bag, especially since Iím specifically looking to accommodate the vertical Freudian slip. Although the Smart Alec and the Brain Bag are great, they are not quite what I want in terms of an open-and-shut (not zip) everyday bag. So, Iím putting this idea out there in hopes that there may someday be another TB backpack option in a messenger style format!

    Would anyone else be interested?

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    I wore out a Kensington Saddlebag of the design you specify. Since Tom Bihn didn't offer anything in that design, I dithered between the backpacks and the messenger bags for a while, and finally opted for an Ego with the Absolute strap. The breadth of the strap really distributes the load, so I don't feel a need for the two-strap backpack style option (which, admittedly, I only used for exceptionally heavy loads with my old bag).

    If Tom Bihn offered something like the Saddlebag design, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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    I agree -- I used a Kensington Saddlebag for years (I got it with my 14" iBook, my first laptop) until the straps & strap attachments broke beyond repair. I've thought about using a Western Flyer as a switch-able bag, but it's a little more travel-bag-type than backpack-messenger-bag-type . . .

    However, I think the Large Cafe Bag could be used as a starting point for that type of bag. It would have to be significantly bigger for the Vertical Freudian Slip, though. Perhaps more along the lines of the Ristretto shape?

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